Back in Black: Miura’s Latest Irons

Miura Golf's new Limited Forged Black Blade.

Widely admired for the high quality of its forged irons and even more so for their balance and beauty, Miura Golf just introduced its latest product, a black version of its muscle back Tournament Blade.  Company Founder Katsuhiro Miura and his son’s Yoshitaka and Shinei have created a no-glare, flat-black finish with a surface texture that’s reportedly pleasing to touch.   On one hand the black irons are a counterpoint to TaylorMades venture into drivers and putters with pure white heads.  On the other, these new Miuras are golf’s version of the limited edition Black Porsche Carrera.

As with the hot cars, the number of hot black blades produced will also be limited.

Similar to Mirua’s black wedges, these new irons will show gradual wear over time, mostly on the center of the club-face where the blade most often strikes a ball.  The company explains that the wear does not compromise the clubs,  but in a sense personalizes it for the individual owner.  That’s good, especially for players who keep it near center.

“This is one of the great things about being the kind of company we are,” said Miura President Adam Barr.  “Small and focused on careful, hand-crafted work.  Of course, by definition that can’t be many of these sets available.  But that just adds to their allure.”

With a suggested retail price of $275 per club, there is already a bit of market self-limitation at work.  Still, these might well be the coolest looking  clubs that have come forth in years.

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