Heavy Putter Maker Now Out with Irons and Woods

Among lots of intriguing products at today’s PGA Demo Day, one that sticks out is the line of irons and metal woods from Boccieri Golf, the guys who gave you the Heavy Putter, then the Heavy Wedge. I hit the irons that founder Stephen Boccieri designed and put into production over this past year, with results that got my attention. The swingweights are head-spinningly low — B9, as opposed to somewhere up in the high C or low D level. The model family for this new gear is Total Control, and it’s an apt name. The weight profile causes the club to set very nicely at the top, and then through the transition, and especially through impact. Nor do they feel either heavy or light as you pick them up and waggle them. The trick is counterweighting… loading up the handle with mass–that changes the leverage action dramatically. More to come on this and other products.

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  1. jeffwallach

    I hit the heavy driver recently and was impressed with the feel and the way it really forced me to follow through. Very good results for a club that doesn’t have all the counter-weighting options and offsets that the top-of-line drivers have. I think the jury is out (perhaps they are at the driving range right now) on whether the concept from the heavy putter– which is that the weight of it forces you to use different muscles and so you can’t steer the putting stroke– will carry over to the rest of the clubs in the bag.


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