SwingSmart app available at retail soon

Look for NewSpin Golf’s SwingSmart game improvement system to be on the market in the next few weeks. The system, for iPad, iPod and Android devices, was a big hit at the recent 2012 Haggin Oaks Golf Expo in Sacramento, Calif.

New app will be available soon

Weighing less than one ounce, NewSpin says SwingSmart provides instant and accurate feedback on critical swing elements. Bluetooth-enabled, the SwingSmart sensor module clips to a golf-club shaft and then then wirelessly communicates with a free app, presenting players with detailed analytics on stats such as swing speed, face and face angle. It also provides a “3-D Swing View’ showing 360 degrees of a player’s swing motion, highlighting the exact route of the club head from any angle. Data from a player’s best swings can be saved and used as points of reference.

NewSpin says the tracked stats and “3-D Swing View” provides an “instant snapshot” of how the club is being manipulated through impact, allowing players to adjust where necessary and learn what’s successful for their individual games. SwingSmart ($249) can be used with any club in the bag.

The sensor module comes with a carrying case and rechargeable battery that lasts more than four hours. Tthe unit will be available soon at www.theswingsmart.com and sold at leading retailers nationwide. Upon release, the app will be available for free download on the iTunes store and Android Marketplace.


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