The Man Who Made Pinehurst, Donald Ross

Donald Ross

We have Donald Ross covered pretty well in our new U.S. Open issue of The Grain. Aside from looking at his masterpiece, Pinehurst No. 2, from every conceivable angle, we’ve lined up a few pieces that can help you appreciate the genius of the genial Scotsman.

Tom Harack presents a sextet of Ross gems you can tackle around the country, while a Golf Road Warriors video examines the Ross masterpiece at the French Lick Resort in Indiana. And connoisseurs of golf architecture can delve into John Strawn’s analysis of the unexpected similarities in style between Donald Ross and Jack Nicklaus.

There’s plenty more, of course. In our Top Ten list–the A List–ten of The A Position’s best writers describe the best men’s U.S. Opens of all time. (Let us know if there’s one you would nominate.) The players are vying for honor and glory, of course, but also a piece of hardware. Jay Stuller provides a fascinating bit of background on the U.S. Open trophy itself.

Apart from the doings in Pinehurst, Jeff Wallach presents his impressions as a first-time visitor to Myrtle Beach’s Grand Strand. And Jeff also provides a preview of the 2015 U.S. Open site, Chambers Bay in Washington.

In a video segment our master instructor Roberto Borgatti will give you the tools to handle side hill lies with ease.

And there are four contest opportunities on hand:
>>Your own chance to not only play in Myrtle Beach, but to play in Myrtle Beach with Natalie Gulbis.
>>Win a print of the Linda Hartough painting shown on our cover (above), of hole nine at Pinehurst No. 2.
>>Score a four-night, six-round trip to Gaylord, Michigan for  your entire foursome.
>>Play a virtual 2014 U.S. Open for a shot at winning a grand prize trip to the 2015 Open.

All this in The Grain: Changing Your Read: The U.S. Open Edition 2014.

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