Masters Week at Augusta and is Bringin’ It

When Masters Week arrives at Augusta National Golf Club, a year’s worth of “preview” journalism comes tumbling out of the typewriters (OK, word processors)., golf’s leading website for the travel & game-enjoyment aspects of golf, is no exception. Please, please have some time set aside if you click on this link to the “silo” of coverage of The Masters 2011 and tournaments past. Such APosition Writers as Brian McCallen, Bob Fagan, Stephen Goodwin, David Barrett, Casey Alexander and Jim Frank are archived in our silo with wonderful essays, insights and did-you-know behind The Masters and the grand old Augusta National Golf Club.

To dig into this trove of fine writing, click right here on The Masters on  But if you’re not sure what to read first when you get there, let me clue you in to a story, of sorts, tucked way back on the sixth page of the silo. It’s a cheeky little post by Tom Bedell called: 

Phil Mickelson With a Glazed (Donut) Look in His Eye

TAP image An unattributed photo has been flying around the Twitterverse today, reportedly showing Phil Mickelson motoring through a Krispy Kreme drive-in Monday morning with his kids, while wearing his Masters green jacket and sporting a 1000-watt grin.  How can you not like a guy like this? Meanwhile, I’ve just put up a whopper of a piece about Phil right here

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