Ball Retrievers-Just Get Over It

Most golfers are in some stage of denial.  Whether it’s refusing to move up to a shorter tee or hitting a club we like the looks of, rather than what works, we’re a very stubborn group.


My admission of guilt in this area concerns having a ball retriever.  Living in Pennsylvania and being a fairly straight ball hitter, the idea of carrying a ball retriever somehow diminished me, on a rampantly egotistical level of sub-consciousness.


Now that my home state is Florida, this prejudice is eroded.  Playing in winter, with firm fairways, dormant (non-ball stopping) rough, amid creeks, lakes, and canals, made me accept a new reality. Even when good shots end up in bad places, the golf gods are telling you its time to get a ball retriever.


Other concessions to a dramatically changed climate conditions also have a lot to do with it.  Preserving my back and overworked sweat glands meant no more bag carrying.  Walking is only with a Speed Cart, so while I figuratively have crossed the Rubicon, I’ll literally be damned if I’m going to leave a $4 golf ball in it.


So maybe it time for you to join the club, pay your dues and have a ball retriever.  However, since we’re in a capitalistic economy, there are many choices.  Here’s where my recommendation falls.  Of the many models, one in particular makes the transition from stud golfer to smart golfer a lot easier.


The “I Gotcha” retriever by Pro Line Sports is great choice for several reasons. This retriever is a great capture device.  The spring releases from the flush position to trap the ball, thus serving even the most uncoordinated among us.  I had my “I Gotcha” retriever crushed by accident and replaced it with a cheaper, twist and stretch model.  It was no contest.


It’s light.  Light enough that if you still want to carry your bag, the un-telescoped 6-foot reach model is only just over a foot long.  The ten-foot plus model isn’t that much bigger, making both perfect for either carry or cart bags.  It also travels well because of its compact size, a definite plus in these days of punishing baggage fees and weight limits.


Retriever Envy Never A Problem

What's In A Name

Maybe you live and play where water is in short supply.  Maybe you’re filthy rich.  Maybe you’re on the pro tour getting free golf balls.  Otherwise, maybe its time for a good ball retriever.

Small Package...Big Benefit

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