Rock and Roll Will Never Die (But May Need a Knee Replacement)

Rock and Roll will Never Die

I was in London on a beautiful late winter day in 2009, early for a meeting in the neighborhood of the Old Vic. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed this lady emerging from a building with the hand-lettered sign by the door. When I showed this to my son-in-law, he said, "those have got to be tough classes."

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John is the President of Hills and Forrest, International Golf Course Architects, and the former CEO of Robert Trent Jones II. He is a regular monthly columnist for Golf Magazine China, and the author of Driving the Green. Strawn's contributions to The A Position will include in-depth interviews with the world's leading golf course designers, as well as commentary on how golf is spreading into new regions, how the economy effects golf, and how he sees the culture of golf evolving. He also writes book reviews which appear in The Oregonian and other publications.

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  1. Jim Simonini

    The interview with Rees Jones was tastefully done. It seemed honest and sincere, not contrived or overly cloaked in golf-speak. Rees comes over as a decent guy who has not forgotten his humble beginnings and appreciates his success. That is too often not the case in this business of golf.

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