Mental Toughness

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¬†As it relates to coaching mental toughness, there’s a basic mantra we preach which is, “Think Good – Feel Good – Play Good!” Now, that’s not exactly proper english, but the idea is that thoughts lead to moods or feelings and these feelings transfer into actions, which then ultimately become results. So, when it comes to training athletes how to become more mentally tough, the process often starts with developing the art of awareness. That is, learning how to notice when negative attitudes are prevalent, and then “replacing” that negativity with thoughts and language that fall more within the champion’s mindset.

A great way to develop awareness on the golf course is to start your next round with about 50 paper clips in your front pants pocket. Each time you find yourself having a negative thought or reaction, mental or verbal, remove one paper clip from your front pocket and transfer it to the back pocket. At the end of the round, reach into your back pocket and count how many times your own thinking is killing your performance. You just might be surprised by the number you find.

Overtime, learn just how powerful you become when you no longer see doom and dispair after each swing, but rather opportunity, as you learn to shift perspective into your favor. Remember, even William Shakespear once said, “Nothing is good, nor bad until thinking makes it so!”

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