Dream Building

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All great achievements are born from a plan that perfectly dictates your daily behaviors and actions related to your special goal. In golf and life, learn to be the architect of your own success by following the steps associated with achievement. That is, following your dreams by instituting a formula based upon clarity, action and discipline.


Developing clarity is simply taking time to ask yourself the question, “What do I want?” To help determine your greatest desires, answer what is known as the “Genie Question.” That is, imagine that you had your own personal Genie allowing for infinite possibility along with a never ending number of wishes. If that were true, write down what you would wish for. Create a big list of all of the things you would like to be, do or see, making sure that whatever you decide, it’s fantastic and really big!


Once you have your list, now it’s time to create some movement or action towards realizing your goals. If your goal is related to improving a relationship, reach out and set a time to share your true feelings.  If your dream is regarding personal achievement, get online, find a coach or book that special trip NOW! It doesn’t matter what it is, so long as you start doing something to move you towards your goal. Share your Genie list to your friends and ask how they might be willing to help. No dream is too big and you’ll be surprised what you can accomplish if you just start taking action.


Being disciplined means being consistent with your effort as it relates to making your dream come true. Not every day will be a big success, and many times it might even seem like you’re going backwards, but in the end no good work goes unrewarded. The key is to always keep your dream front and center and always try your best when you engage in activities related to your goal. At the end of the day, take a moment and look yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself the question, “Did I do my best to get a little bit closer to my dream today?” You’ll find that by instituting this simple exercise in personal accountability, you’ll stay energized and on top of the things that matter to you the most!

Success Secret

Just because you have a goal, doesn’t mean that it’s not OK to evolve your ideas or change them completely. Part of the joy of  living is all about trying and experiencing new things. It’s certainly understandable that what you enjoy today might change in the future, as your experiences introduce you to all that is amazing in the world. Follow your dreams with passion, but always allow for flexibility in your plan.

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