Sounds of Success

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One of the greatest teaching elements that eludes most golfers is sound. Once a player can combine feel with the corresponding “auditory” recognition associated with each motion, they can better reproduce that shot on command.

Driving – Swish

Swing your driver up in the air about waist high. Try to make the club head produce a loud “swish” as it swings through impact. Now, try the same thing using arms only, “no wrists”. The swish will diminish or disappear. Now, add wrists back into the equation. The swish will again re-appear. Make each swing progressively faster, adding more snap from the wrists to make the swish grow louder. You have just become aware of how to use your hands to produce more speed equaling longer drives!

Irons – Pinch

Any shot from the ground (versus on a tee) requires a slight downward “pinch” of the turf with the club head. To feel the right amount of pinch, begin by making some swings where you try to strike too much ground. The result will be a thick sounding thud. Secondly, make some swings where you barely catch the tops of the blades of grass. The result will be a very light “wispy” sound. Finally, find the pinch and sound that fall in between those two extremes. The result will be a shallow divot with a nice solid “medium” sound at contact. Make sure your divot occurs just past the ball to ensure good ball then turf contact.

Sand – Slap

Great sand play required an upbeat “slapping” of the sand. Open the club face so that the leading edge sits higher than the trailing edge. This produces bounce. Make an up tempo swing and feel the back of the club head “slap” the sand as it easily glides through to the finish. Now, try the same thing with a square club face. The club will dig and the slap will disappear. A good “slap” of the sand with a contact point an inch or two behind the ball will produce a shot that is high, soft and spinning.

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