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Playing great isn’t just about hitting greens. It also involves strategy associated with learning how the placement of the flag dictates trajectory, as well as which pins fit your natural ball flight.

Under the Radar

The pin will always tell you what type of shots are required. The best at making his game fit the course was Ben Hogan. When a pin was tucked back, Hogan would select a lower trajectory shot. A lower shot can land safely on the putting surface then run the rest of the way back to the hole without the danger of “overshooting” the green. Taking a little more club with less loft will keep the ball down. Adopt a smooth swing speed with a knock down attitude.

Death from Above

A forward pin requires a higher shot to finish close. With the pin tucked front, a low shot will run well past. Try playing less club with a higher swing speed to give the ball the extra lift needed to reach the target and stay put.

Green Light – Red Light

Most players have a predominant ball flight where the ball tends to curve predictably either to the right or left.  If your ball curves “right” for example, a pin in the center or tucked to the right are considered “green light” pins. Simply aim within the confines of the green and let the ball drift to the hole. A pin tucked left for the same player would be a “red light” pin, because in order to get the ball close the player would have to aim left of or outside of the putting surface which would consititue too risky of a play.

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