Straight Flush

Posted on: June 28th, 2010 by Jeff Ritter 1 Comment

If you’re one of the millions of slicers out there, then chances are that you are not swinging the club on a proper arc/path through the ball. To cure a slice, it’s important to feel a more rounded swing shape which delivers a club face that’s slightly closed to the path of the swing through impact. A great mental image to help you feel this movement is to imagine spreading some playing cards in an arc around a poker table. Imagine a deck of cards in your right hand. Make a backswing so that your hand is over your right shoulder and the cards are face up to the sky. Swing your right arm in an arcing motion around your body as you turn the cards face down towards the table through the hit. To play a perfect draw, the path of your swing will be a little “In to Out” and the club face will be a bit closed to the swing path. Keep in mind, this image is just a “feeling” to help slicers of the golf ball produce the proper path/face combination described above. Although the hand is turned severely down in the picture, a true draw would still position the club face a fraction open to the line of flight at contact.

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