Corner Pocket

Posted on: July 23rd, 2010 by Jeff Ritter No Comments

Yep, I’m standing on a pool table with a tall cool one in the distance and yes, that’s a moose hanging on the wall!

Part of my lunacy as a coach is coming up with crazy images to help your game. If you’re prone to slicing, then you have a swing path that’s traveling well left of the target line with a club face that’s open to the path.  To drive the ball more right to left, you need to shift the path of your swing more to the right along with delivering a club face that’s a bit closed to the path. A good key for developing more of an inside strike is visualizing what portion of the ball you’re hitting. To start creating the opposite bend to your shots, imagine connecting with the “inside corner” of your ball, as if you were trying to knock the ball into the right corner pocket on a pool table. With your mind focused in the proper direction, it will be your playing partners who will be paying for that beer!

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