The Race For Better Chipping

Posted on: April 20th, 2010 by Jeff Ritter 1 Comment

My favorite part about coaching is instituting a sense of “creativity” into every lesson I give! As it relates to chipping, the key to effortless contact is delivering a shaft that has a bit of forward lean into the hit. This relationship will help facilitate ball then turf contact, while producing a shot that is low and running to the pin.

To help you “Jockey” into the proper impact position, I want you to imagine that your chipping swing is a horserace, where the handle of your club is the #1 horse and the club head is the #2 horse.

Make a few rehearsals where the club head brushes the turf, just ahead of the ball. A ball position in the center of your stance with your weight favoring your left side and a little pivot or turn towards the target will be of help!

As you swing through the hit, be aware of the head/handle relationship you are creating. Ensure that horse #1 beats #2 and you will be setting yourself up for a “Winners Circle” welcome!

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  1. Betterputting says:

    I like this simple thinking. Does grind an bounce in the wedge play a roll in the type of ground contact?

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