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One of the things I hear a lot from players these days is “I’m trying to take my hands out of the swing.” To me that’s just plain crazy talk! Your golf swing is made up of the hands, arms and body working together to provide maximum power into the hit! Imagine if a pitcher in baseball tried to take his hand out of the throw? The information just doesn’t make sense.

I recall being at a Major League game, watching the players jog out from the dugout to start the new inning. The third baseman and left fielder were playing catch as the left fielder was walking backwards towards the left field wall. The thing which was so impressive was that the left fielder, “while walking backwards,” was zipping the ball with authority into the third baseman’s mitt, with so much speed that the leather each time responded with a resounding “crack!” It was then when I was reminded that throwing is all about creating snap with your hand. As the inning progressed, a ball made its way to the left field wall. As the player gathered it up, he wound up his body and launched a rocket all the way to home plate! My point being, that you hold the ball and throw the ball with your hand. The body and arm swing just add to the mix for maximum velocity.

In golf, you hold the club with your hands. That means your hands are the primary mover of the shaft, controller of the face and source of “snap” in your swing! Just like the baseball player, feeling the hands create speed is essential to creating maximum zip, especially for the middle to higher handicap golfer.  Hone your ability to feel and move the club head with efficient hand action, then add the body to send your drives “over the fence.”

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