Nike Jr Golf Camps Mental Toughness – Part 6 Conclusion

Posted on: August 14th, 2012 by Jeff Ritter 2 Comments

Jeff Ritter discusses the attitudes behind living a high performance life both on and off the course with a group of junior golfers at his Nike Jr Golf Camps in Pebble Beach! Part 6 – Conclusion

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  1. Derek Grahame (Australia) says:

    Thank you Jeff, loved everyone of these videos.  Especially the first one with Anil.  Working towards being a life coach myself, some of the insights and examples you use are great.  Thank you for the inspiration and kicking me back into action towards my dreams.  Have an outstanding week.  Regards,  Derek, Australia.

  2. Jeff Ritter says:

    Thanks Derek! I’m glad you were able to view them all. I love giving this talk to the kids and it’s normally received very well. All the best!

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