30 Surprisingly Simple Snacks

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Healthy snacks can provide energy and nutrients to refuel your body and brain between meals. Snacks can also help you meet your daily nutrient requirements and prevent you from overeating at your next meal. Although most people grab a granola bar, pretzels or something out of a vending machine, those insulin-spiking processed products can actually leave you hungrier than before. Start making better snack choicesby creating balanced snacks or “mini meals” filled with natural, whole foods and avoid man-made, processed, products. It’s also important to plan snacks ahead of time. Waiting to find food until you’re “starving” is a great way to make a poor nutrition decision. Be proactive by preparing some of the snack suggestions below on the weekend so you have food on hand to grab during a busy week.

10 Grab & Go Snacks

  1. Almond butter with celery, apple or banana
  2. Banana & macadamia nuts
  3. Sliced grapefruit & avocado
  4. Diced green apple & walnuts
  5. Frozen blueberries & sunflower seeds
  6. Beef/buffalo/venison jerky with pear & pecans
  7. Canned sardines, raw milk cheese & mixed olives
  8. Raw milk cheese with apples, pears, grapes & nuts
  9. Greek yogurt with mixed berries & cinnamon
  10. Cottage cheese with peaches & raspberries

20 Easy Prep Snacks

  1. Raw veggies with Zukay dressing & olive oil
  2. Roasted walnuts with coconut flakes & cinnamon
  3. Hard-cooked eggs with guacamole & tomato salsa
  4. Mini goat cheese frittatas with sliced red pepper
  5. Sliced steak with raw milk cheese, arugula & mustard
  6. Pork meatballs with mashed sweet potato & pecans
  7. Sliced turkey rolled with alfalfa sprouts & avocado
  8. Cold shrimp with cucumber & cherry tomatoes
  9. Tuna stuffed tomatoes with capers & parsley
  10. Smoked salmon with creme fraiche, cucumber & mint
  11. Bacon-wrapped apples with cinnamon & basil
  12. Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus with ricotta cheese
  13. Sliced ham with apple & raw milk cheddar cheese
  14. Strawberry banana protein shake with almond milk
  15. Blueberry kale protein shake with coconut milk
  16. Mary’s Gone Crackers with avocado, hummus or almond butter
  17. Brown rice tortilla broiled with butter, cinnamon & walnuts
  18. Sprouted cinnamon raisin toast with mascarpone & green apple slices
  19. Sprouted cinnamon raisin toast with almond butter & sliced banana
  20. Corn tortilla broiled with chicken, sliced tomato & pesto

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