Tap Into Your Alter Ego

Posted on: October 30th, 2012 by Jeff Ritter 1 Comment

I love Superhero movies. Especially the ones where the hero transforms himself from the ordinary into the extraordinary. What do I mean? Well, Spiderman is really Peter Parker, Superman is Clark Kent and Batman is of course, Bruce Wayne. The characteristics that embody the man and the hero often differ greatly, yet each co-exists within the same person.

Full Throttle

The long game is known as “The Power Game” so your mindset should compliment your goals. When distance is at a premium, imagine that your superhero name is something cool like, “Full Throttle.” Don’t be afraid to be explosive with your movements, go for broke and have fun hitting it far. Each time you find yourself in a power situation, get into your groove by sliding into your power mindset. Pick a name for yourself that triggers your body to know it’s “game on” and you’ll be primed to flat out bust it!

The Big Easy

“Full Throttle” isn’t gonna cut it once you get inside of 100. Once you cross the finesse barrier, it’s time to switch into your alter-ego. Like Superman running into a phone booth, transform yourself into your more relaxed and dialed down “alter-ego” who might  embody a silky smooth name like Ernie Els’ “Big Easy.” What does the big easy look like? He’s smooth as velvet with soft hands, soft arms and soft rhythm. Heck, he even talks soft. All of the attitudes perfect for little shots that require a deft touch.

Normally, a player who has a reputation for power, is seldom also known for having touch around the greens. Conversely, great pitchers of the golf ball are rarely revered for their ability to bomb it off the tee. Some players, such as John Daly and of course Tiger Woods, have found a way to summon just the right attitude and fundamental mindset for the shot at hand. I firmly believe that golf is more than just the mechanics associated with each shot. There is also the underlying “attitude” behind each play that might end up counting most. The next time you hit the links, have a little fun and see if you can’t  shift back and forth between your power and finesse based alter-egos. You might be surprised at the variety skills that exist within.

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  1. Galiber says:

    I feel like doctor Jekyll and mr Hyde. I probably need to tone it down on long par three.

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