Arriving Las Vegas

Whew, the election is finally over! The White House remains blue another four years and the red candidate now has more time to play golf with the Golden Bear, someone who also knows a lot about runner-up finishes in major events. As for me, the good news is I’m taking my campaign to the green grass of Sin City, America. The bad news is, well, that has yet to be played out.

Ready for Vegas © Robert Kaufman

For the next four days, Lady Luck and myself will be tested at some of the most pristine desert courses as we get initiated into the rat pack of Golf Road Warriors. Does our host, Walters Golf, really know what they are dealing with? I’m not sure I do yet. However, I have chosen to sacrifice myself at what could not be a more perfect training ground since we all know about whatever happens in Vegas!

In order to carry out my duties as a Golf Road Warrior, I have been instructed to disclose (some) information on the battlefields we’ll be attacking. This operation includes a total of 72 known targets at Spanish Trail Country Club, Royal Links Golf Club, Bali Hai Golf Club and Desert Pines, all of which I have no doubt the putts will be rolling truer than dice at a craps table.

In any event, the weapons and ammunition are packed ready for action and my pre-trip advisory warns me to dress warmly for a cold front that’s about to swarm the desert. No matter, at least I’ll be in another blue state!

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