Who Are You Really?


Yes, who are you really?

I am 72. I am a body surfer, a fulfillment coach, a husband, brother, father, etc. I am 5’10.” I lean toward vegetables and fruits. I am…

We can easily identify with “I am” in all four of the above statements, but there are big differences between the ones referring to my age and height and my activity, roles, and diet. A few are not my choices, but simply who I am and cannot change. The activity and diet choice are my choices, subject to change.

Too often we identify who we are as having really no choice in the matter, but if you examine your “I am’s” more closely, you will realize that who you think and proclaim you are is a really a series of choices.

I have long asked, “How’s that working for you?” Do your choices bring or take away your energy? Do they bring you joy and love or fear and sadness? Are they sustainable and healthy? Do they bring clarity or confusion? We intuitively know the answers, but so often get so caught up in things that we make non-operating decisions and then self-identify with them.

By simply asking yourself this question, you awaken from your sleep… and that’s a good thing to do everyday if not more often. Then take ownership and adjust if necessary.

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