Personal Qualities & The Law of Attraction

Remember that everything is energy, and energy is always in motion and flow.  Flow might be described as the natural unfolding of our lives in a natural way.  Leveraging the Law of Attraction is all about being in the flow of our highest self – being in alignment.  This is often trickier than many would assume.  So often, we try so hard and struggle believing that hard laborious work will reap us what we want – the old Puritan work ethic.  To truly leverage attraction, the secret is more about letting go and less about struggle and gaining control.  When you return to the genius and the God force that came with you into this world, you truly come into alignment or flow.

So what are the personal qualities or characteristics you may want to identify, check, or model to become a flowmaster?  Charlene Belitz and Meg Lundstrom, authors of “The Power of Flow,” penned an interesting work that inspired this, my take.  They identified nine qualities that I have altered and added to that fit the qualities so helpful to fully leverage the Law of Attraction.  It matters not whether you score highly in all of these areas at the moment, but if you are looking for clues for potential growth areas, here is a good start.

  1. Commitment – This is the quality that makes all the following possible.  When you say, “yes” to life, you acknowledge the flow.  Commitment is more about the self, your truths, and your journey to become our best self.  That then extends to others and the greater whole – your family, community, school, workplace, nature, country, and the world.  You simply can’t commit at one level and ignore the rest of your extended world.  With commitment, you drive qualities such as decisiveness, perseverance, and bliss-ipline.
  2. Self-Acceptance – This is all about seeing the Source energy or God force that is already in you – and being, at the least, satisfied with it.  It doesn’t mean ignoring your limitations, but it does mean not playing the blame game or beating yourself up with shame, guilt, or verbal abuse.  Then what we accept for ourselves, we extend to others.  Judgment, harshness, envy, and finding fault with others are low energy activities, which will attract the same back to you.  Instead, view everything that is unintended as a lesson, not a personal threat or attack.  In that way, you will become energized and go with the flow.
  3. Appreciation – Why not consider everything a gift?  Find the surprises in your life. Consider the alternatives to what happens to you (often things could be worse).  In the book, “The Bliss-ipline Factor,” I introduced the “Thanksgiving Formula” detailing both appreciation/gratitude and charity in any form as one of the key ways to leverage the Law of Attraction.  Truly demonstrating appreciation is the “quick fix” to elevating your vibrations and keeping current with the flow.
  4. Centered Silence – The actor, John O’Hurley, told me that he noticed that all truly successful people seem to have a centered stillness and definiteness of purpose about them.  John has it right.  You may want to rid yourself of all stimulation, emotions, activity, and thought.  Silence allows you to become more conscious of the flow around you, allowing you the space and position to move in any direction, to pursue any option, to make commitment, explore openness, flourish appreciation, rejuvenate energy, build courage, let generosity flow and creativity to emerge.  It can be accessed in many forms to include meditation, prayer, affirmations, repetitive motion, dancing, yoga, walking slowly, listening to certain kinds of music, retreats, etc.
  5. Bliss-ipline – This is a term I trademarked.  Discipline combined with bliss or joy spells passion, which energizes the Law of Attraction.  By following your bliss, hard work becomes effortless, but your discipline drives consistency to keep you in the flow.  Exercised on a daily basis on the little details of life, bliss-ipline eventually creates immense advances, and is the key factor to multiply the effectiveness of everything else you do.
  6. Self-Awareness – knowing what your core beliefs are and how they impact your existence is crucial.  These beliefs cause the feelings that spew out all your vibrations into the Universe.  The more aware you become of all your feelings and their connecting thoughts, the quicker you can affect the changes within yourself to become a more aligned deliberate creator.
  7. Patience – Your journey is a lifelong process.  Tiny, but continuous progress even at the pace of a turtle will always pass the quick, but inconsistent pace of the rabbit.  Flowmaster go with the flow, not against it or faster than it.  They understand that by giving up the need for control, they actually gain it – all at the proper time.
  8. Risk Taking/Courage – You cannot expand or change without incurring some risk.  Risk is integral to change.  Take the kaizen approach to taking on risk in very small, manageable, doable pieces.  By taking tiny steps, you can minimize the fear factor that usually accompanies attempting to take on big change.
  9. Trust – Trust in your beliefs and the flow are the key to initiating the second of the four steps in leveraging the Law of Attractions – belief.  By trusting the flow, you will soon realize that you don’t have to do or be it all – the Universe or God force will do the heavy lifting for you.  That can be so liberating for you!
  10. Charity – Generosity in any form raises your vibration level and keeps you in flow.  Hoarding and greed simply don’t and position you in an endless struggle against the flow.  Giving also means generosity without any expectation, manipulation, control, or atonement.   And it is equally important to be a good receiver as well if you want to complete this cycle of flow.
  11. Immediacy – What I mean by this is that living in the present keeps you from capsizing once in the flow.  In the flow, you can’t afford to preoccupy yourself with past events, or ponder future fears, and both are untouchable. Being tied to the past is like driving an auto with such a huge rear view mirror that it blocks the entire road ahead – not good!   The present has no knowledge of the past (you might), but it will impact your future.  You attend to what is happening right now – immediately and exercise your innate ability to be a deliberate creator.
  12. Openness – Being open means that you do not waste your time or energy in defending your positions, or building walls between yourself and the world.  It requires you to move beyond your fear, prejudice, habits, and anger to a position of tolerance and compassion.  It does not necessarily mean agreeing with others, but without openness, the flow churns and becomes destructive.  Our goal is to engage the flow, not to fight it.  Besides, if you were not open, how would you expect to change?
  13. Positivity – Finding value in every situation and embracing it is what being in flow is.  The flow has direction and you might as well enjoy it in a positive way.  What that means is that you are not a faultfinder, but a fact-finder.  Criticism, resentment, and complaining are out.  You can learn from every situation – or at least, you always have that choice.  Positivity also eliminates fears thus making us able to enjoy the flow.

Start out with little steps working on perhaps one point every week and before you know it, you will begin to enjoy amazing changes in your world.  Trust me, these steps work once you accept the flow!

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  1. Tom Halston

    Hey good post! I’m still trying to find the best way to apply the law of attraction in my life, and have it easily work with my family’s religeous beliefs…

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