Finding Time By Making Time

How effective are you at “making time?


What differentiates us from each other is how each of us uses are time and what energy we bring to it.  It’s as simple as that.  Then our choices do the rest. Finding more time during a day is actually more simple than you might think.  Here are a few ways you might do it.

You can find the time by:

1.   Starting your day thirty minutes earlier.  I like to use the mornings as my personal development time.

2.   Ending your day thirty minutes later.

3.   Using half of your lunch hour as personal development time.

4.   Taking thirty minutes before you go to bed as personal development time or precious quality time with loved ones.

5.   Learn to say “no” to a portion of the requests that require your time.
The point is we all have the same amount of time.  Whether you chose to use it or not is a personal decision you have to make for yourself.

6.   Conducting meetings where everyone is standing.



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