It is a Matter of Choice: Yours

Life is about choices. Everywhere.


The inability to exercise our power of choice can and will affect every fabric of our lives. Every day and every situation presents us with a series of choices. How we respond to any situation sets up our body and mind to interact. It can start chemical reactions in the body and brain that work for or against us. It also establishes the manner in which people and the world will respond to us.


When things get tough, do you control the situation or does the situation control you?


Are you actually asleep while you think you are awake? If you react from a litany of old stories or tapes you keep repeating or do you exercise anger, judgment, hate, fear, scarcity, jealousy, righteousness, etc.?  It may be time to wake up.


To wake up, all you need to do is to simply ask yourself if you are acting or responding in a conscious way with a full view or appreciation of the consequences. Often you will realize that you have been asleep in an automatic pilot mode responding to life in the same way you have for years, maybe since you were in elementary school or earlier. You always have the choice to change your response to life – to also change your underlying beliefs to something that operates more in your favor and other’s favor.


If you keep asking yourself this question, you will immediately convert yourself into an awaken mode. Stop, pause, and congratulate yourself and never beat yourself up should you continue to find yourself sleeping… it’s all part of your journey.


When we don’t take advantage of our power of choice, we will no doubt feel cheated or victimized. No matter what your circumstances may appear, you always have more power of choice than you may ever have imagined. When life seems to be coming down hard on you, stop to remember that you have options. You can accept disappointment, shame, self-pity, grief, ignorance, and the like, or you can choose otherwise. It’s YOUR CHOICE and it always will be.

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