Grappling With Change



Change is something we all try to grapple with. It is also an inevitable part of the Universe. Energy never goes away, but it is always changing. We are no different. We are born, age, and die. Water eventually evaporates and is reborn as rain. The quicker we can accept change the easier our journey becomes.

The word “change” causes discomfort in our minds. It brings in resistance, and what we resist persists. An easier way to achieve the desired results is to give up the path you are traveling. That is half the battle won.

The second part of the equation to accomplish great tasks is to learn to align yourself with the word “freedom.” Freedom is not an effect rather the cause that propels great men and women to stardom. Look at anyone who is truly outstanding in any particular endeavor and you will note an air of freedom, born out of love, enjoyment, bliss, and ease. At the opposite end is struggle, trying really hard, “working,” and most noticeably some form of fear. If you are impatient and critical, you are exhibiting a form of fear – and has that really served you well? I doubt it. More so, it has probably limited you throughout your journey.

You can’t really get rid of anything in the Universe, but rather you can focus upon what you want more of. Recognize and even shine the light on fear, but don’t obsess about it. Instead, focus, visualize, picture, and take massive action for what you want. The distinction between trying to rid yourself of the unwanted and trying to gain the wanted may appear to some to be subtle, but it is, in fact, huge. What you focus upon you attract.

What you focus upon, your mind will notice and even attract to you. You are emanating a very different vibration from trying to rid yourself of anything – an aspect of the physical Law of Attraction.

If you are having trouble making this shift, pause and take a deep breath. You’ve spent many years perfecting a focus upon what’s wrong or missing and it may take some time and practice to shift gears. The big thing is that you’ve woken up to a new perspective and you need only call yourself on the negativity to affect that desired shift toward what you want more of. In essence, you moving to a more aware, awakened state by doing so.

If you are grateful for anything, and hopefully your life, it makes sense to become more of a friend of change. Celebrate your journey and resist trying to futilely hold onto the past. This present moment is a gift if you only realize it. When you do, you open yourself up to better cope with change and the freedom that joyfully comes with it. The choice is yours.

Give it a chance today you will be pleasantly surprised.

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