Slow Motion Play in Golf and Life

No, I am not suggesting that we play slower, but I am recommending that in the times we encounter stressful situations on the golf course that you resist the urge to rush or hurry your shots by thinking in slow motion.

When you encounter a crucial shot be it on the first tee, some seemingly make or break situation during your round or the final putt, try to think of playing the entire shot in slow motion.  That includes the entire process of selecting the club, getting set over the ball, waggling, and actually beginning the swing at what seems like half-speed.  Try accompanying this with a slower deeper breath.  This need not translate into slow play, but more about the image you are creating and try to feel in your mind.

Slowing the pre-swing routine makes it easier to execute a smooth, intended swing freer of tension.  Even at the top of your swing you might include a real or imaginary pause.  All this helps you center yourself, and by concentrating on this special physical preparation you actually quiet the devastating “monkey talk” going on in your head.  As far as the swing is then concerned you have prepared your balance, rhythm, and concentration in a prepared manner to execute the shot the way you intended.  Add that all up and you have every reason to be even more confident – and centered confidence in the moment spells success in golf and beyond!

The same lesson also applies in life.  When you feel stress coming at you, slow down, look around, and take a deep breath.  The old saying that haste makes waste runs true.  Pause and savor the moment, and trust yourself to respond in the manner befitting your best self.

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