A Different Twist On Mentoring



When the subject of mentoring comes up, most experienced folks assume it involves them helping a younger, less experienced person. Well, that’s only half of it. How about the more experienced mentoring other more experienced? I am amazed how often the idea of the value of seeking a mentor for themselves completely escapes the more mature and experienced.

I have two sayings I repeat regularly. The first is that it’s never too late to finish strong and the second is that it is never too late to learn from someone else! Interestingly the very best realize that there is always room for learning and improvement. Reflecting back, some of my elder mentors were as interested in what I and others would think and do as I would. Golfing great Jack Nicklaus well into his Senior golf career hired instructor Jim Flick to work with him. Business, the arts, sports, you name it and most of the best are still looking to improve. When I recently hired not one, but three compensated mentors, blockages ceased and I c0-created all sorts of new growth and progress in my life.

Here’s a quick reminder why getting mentoring helps.

1.  Tools – Your neighbor has different tools in his garage than you do or may have different ways of using the same ones. Mentors can share shortcuts as well as connections with you.

2.  Processes – Someone with different or more experience may have developed different and advantageous ways or skills to get great results.

3.  Awareness – When you don’t know what you don’t know, a mentor can help you see what you are missing and potentially new ways of approaching such.

Remember that two heads are better than one no matter what your age, skill, or experience!

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