Ten Ways To Find Love

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Most of us want love in our lives. Whether you are in a relationship and simply not feeling it or flying solo, here are some quick and simple things you can do everyday to finding or rekindling love. Each invariably centers around growth, awareness, communication, or self-love, and not the selfish or egotistical kind of love, but the kind of attitude that can be strong, interesting, and capable of loving others by being that way for yourself.

1.  Keep a Gratitude Journal. This may be one of the greatest ways to begin or retain a happier life and my most effective coaching tool and is useful to anyone. Simply put, what in your life do you have to be grateful for. (Start by realizing there is a printed word that you are comprehending provided by a magnificent powered technological tool that has magically found its way to you!)

2.  Identify your current or prospective partner’s ideal traits. Too often we play the critic and look for and bring up what is wrong with others or our partner. How would you enjoy a steady diet of this? Conversely, when you begin to appreciate your partner’s special traits, something changes in you as well. For those who are single, those traits you yourself live and focus upon, you attract. Just don’t hold constricted ideas on what they should look like.

3.  Acknowledge something positive about yourself. Doing this on a daily basis really helps you begin to notice the things, even if tiny, that are special about you. And if you don’t notice them, how do you expect others to?

4.  Find something to celebrate and do so. This is a cousin to a gratitude practice, but expressing joy by celebration is just as potent as finding it.

5.  Get out in nature. Nature has so many lessons to teach us if we only awaken and look for them. We have evolved from nature, but are increasingly literally building up walls that keep or direct us away from it.

6.  Follow through on things you start. Surprisingly stopping or giving up on things you begin takes away your momentum and may even sabotage your path. Follow until through is a saying I’ve used in golf, but it applies perhaps even more to life. It signals to others as well as yourself your integrity.

7.  Respond to negative criticism with love or not at all. Believe in your path and don’t be consumed in pleasing others. In the end, change for yourself and not for others.

8.  Try something new. Regardless of whether or not you are a couple or a single, we all tend to get into ruts. Try a new food, a new routine, new book or channels on your TV, better yet go without the TV. Try a new restaurant, hobby, learn a new skill, visit a new vacation spot or local point of interest, change a nightly activity once a week, etc. Variety can be the spice of life so remember that you don’t grow much in old ruts – without change and sometimes stress.

9.  Find someone to give to or serve. If in a relationship, ask each other what new ways you might gift or serve them and respond accordingly. Be honest even if it makes you vulnerable. If nothing else, it aids communications. For singles, giving is a great way to find like-minded people.

10.  Do something daily that supports growth, health, or improvement for yourself. Physical and mental stimulation makes not only life more delicious, but you more attractive. More are realizing that daily meditation does as well. Healthy is sexy!

Trust the process and allow love to get in the way. For couples, revisit those thoughts and feelings that attracted you in the first place, and for you singles, live your best life and don’t put it on hold waiting for love. Be patient, loving, and forgiving and see what happens.



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