Success and Happiness Through Giving AND Receiving


Though much has been written about the reasons for joyful giving, here is a quick reminder that giving can quickly get you “unstuck” from any type of unhappiness or difficulty. What may not be as obvious is that “joyful receiving” is just as important. It all involves what I term the Law of Circulation.


When you give, you circulate energy and that puts you in harmony with your “Highest Self” and with the nature of the Universe. Energy and all we have and think we own from our material things to our relationships is always in a natural state of vibration and movement.  When we hoard or latch onto anything and stop that movement or flow, we resist the natural flow of energy. Not only is that tiring, but soon it becomes destructive as well.


Anything we do to obstruct or inhibit the flow of energy will result in limitation, imbalance, frustration, difficulty, and stagnation. Hence, it only makes sense that we both embrace the way of giving as well as joyful receiving. (Receiving completes that flow and the lack thereof dashes the joy of the giver.)  No, I am not referring to selfish receiving, but rather the thankful, joyful receiving that must complete giving.


Giving can take many forms: love, assistance, materials, money, time, praise, joy, and laughter quickly come to mind. Yes, as important as it is to be a free giver so should you be a grateful receiver. Energy does not move as a one-way street, but rather it circulates and the joyful receiver (not taker) is just as important as giving. I was taught about receiving, but the receiving part seemed glossed over. When some gift arrives no matter how strange or unexpected, I have now learned to accept it with open joyful arms, not to deflect or deny it.  To finish off giving, it is best to recognize and praise its source. When I was a reluctant or uneasy receiver, I later learned that I had dashed the joy of those who attempted to give to me – not a pleasing scenerio.


I know that I have been neither an exemplary giver nor an easy receiver at times in my life.  Was it any coincidence that I suffered at those times?  Now I endeavor to remember that both are important.  The more I open up to and embrace giving and receiving, the more gifts in kind come my way. Then I must continue to remind myself to keep that energy going and flowing and give back.


So if you want to start living and stop stagnating, start stepping up your giving and enjoy the receiving as well. You open yourself up to this basic law of nature, you not only will find and relish success, you will likely move forward to peace and significance in keeping with nature!


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