Ten Great Ways to Overcome Everyday Troubles

We always have a choice regarding seeing things as problems or lessons.  If you are not aware, it’s very easy to become upset and ill.  You don’t have to.  And resistance and anger never solve anything.

Develop the ability to be flexible and adaptable. Rigidity in nature causes things to snap and break. It’s no different in life that the ability to roll with the punches provides strength and resilience.

Don’t expect life to be fair. Sometimes bad things happen and it just pays to push life’s injustices aside.

View mishaps in perspective. Were the little irritants, interruptions or disappointments really such a big deal? A year from now will you remember something that it currently irritating you?

Be yourself and don’t expect everyone to like you. Some people for whatever reason may not warm up to you. If you don’t stay with your authentic self, but try to alter yourself to please others, you’ll likely end up displeasing yourself.

Resist the urge to be judgmental. In other words, don’t label things as good or bad.  Judgment is a cousin of fear and never ultimately serves us.  That said, it is ok to be discriminating as to what you want in your life and what you don’t want.

View disagreeable people or adversaries as teachers. Maybe their purpose is to teach you patience or forgiveness.

Detach from “things.” When you become materialistic, everything that happens to your toys and possessions takes on even greater magnitude. Minimize that attachment and you reduce your stress.

Avoid those situations that cause you stress. For instance, television is a major cause of stress with so many hammering their messages at you along with negativity and fear populating the news. Take a break and you will likely experience relief.

Take time to relax and schedule fun and take breaks. Sleep, vacations, play, and a few minute break here and there all help you in so many ways. Celebrate any success, no matter their size.

Stop, take a deep breath, and collect yourself before continuing. Sometimes, we all need to put in check our automatic reflexes or “asleep mode,” and remember to wake up and be aware of all the choices we have in any type of situation.


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