The Happiness Quotient

The most important thing you can do in your life is to be happy – to be happy now, and all of the time. Nothing else is as important – nothing!

Why you ask?  First, truly happy people never kill, steal, intentionally injure, lie or judge. They generate happy contagious energy that puts others at ease and make them feel good. Happy people tend to focus upon love and are more apt to give unconditionally. Conversely, truly unhappy people, ones without hope, focused upon fear, hate, worry, scarcity, and the like are the ones who fight, kill, wage war, steal, rape, and demean. Though we might term those actions as “bad,” I maintain that the actions are the result of unhappiness, the byproduct of fearful or hopeless people and not “bad” ones.

Happy people are more successful. Ever experience an unhappy customer service person, teacher, or salesperson? Most everyone has, but virtually none of them are successful. Southwest Airlines has for several decades been uncommonly successful. Many competitors have tried, but failed to execute their business model. Why? Southwest Airlines is careful to hire happy people with aptitude – experience doesn’t matter. They realize that happiness breeds success in every form. Southwest management focuses upon keeping its employees happy, who in turn make the customers happy generating the type of results that make the shareholders happy. It all begins with the hiring process.

The happiness quotient works for any relationship as well. Picture a truly unhappy person. Sooner or later those around that unhappy person will suffer. Conversely, someone that focuses upon and continually generates love will infect others with the same.  The planet is just one big set of relationships and if we infect one another with happiness as opposed to fear and all its cousins, our problems would melt away. Hasn’t this been God’s or spirit’s intention all along?

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