The Power of Abundance – Ten Perspectives to Help YOU




Abundance is almost a mystical concept. Some people barely identify with it while others swim in it continually. Here are ten self-empowering perspectives that might help you look at abundance from a clearer perspective. Know that you are as magical as the Universe that you inhabit, and never separate from it.


There is never-ending expansion and growth for both the Universe and YOU.  That’s why no matter what you have there will always be more, and it’s about the process and the joy of the journey; it’s the joy and energy you flow through your journey; what challenges you experience and what goals and desires you determine as a result.  The challenges are what brings clarity and help you define what you clearly want, and then your focus must be on what you want than on what you don’t


1.   Believe that the Universe is TOTALLY abundant or not. It is so abundant and so unconditional and there is such freedom that it will even allow you to have an abundance of scarcity if that’s what you choose to resonate with.  The Universe is abundant, scarcity and limitation are man-made ideas.


2.   Abundance is much more than money.  If you think of it only as money you are only thinking of some of the possibilities.  Abundance finds itself to you via the path of least resistance.  Be open in your expectations and let the universe deal with the ‘how’ and how it gets to you.


3.   It’s really about what choices you make about how you feel about things, rather than the things themselves.  The universe hears your vibration and matches that signal.


4.   Realize that Abundance is attained by tuning in to what you have as opposed to what you don’t have. No matter how big or small, and more of the same is attracted, and it grows and grows. What you focus upon you get more of.


5.   Focus on the quality of your essence, your thoughts and feelings. The Universe matches it in terms of the quantity, the numbers and “the how.” The frequency you put out will match that that comes back to you.


6.   Remember that what you want is always here.  All you’re doing is turning the unseen into the seen.  Everything you want is around you.  When you think it’s not and yet you are trying to attract something that’s “not here,” you are not in alignment to receive it.


7.   The Universe is constantly expanding, that’s what you are here to do, to expand and grow. The universe expands through you. The universe WANTS you to expand, to go for more things, so it can expand too.  It’s a win-win, that’s a concept the universe works on.  Scarcity leads to win-lose relationships, abundance leads to win-win relationships.


8.   Do what feels good, let your feelings be your guide to what to do. Each of us innately knows what is right and what is wrong. When we are doing something we know is wrong, our feelings will tell us so. Listen to your feelings for they are giving you a potential course correction if you only heed them. The answers are and always have been here when we can awaken to them.


9.   What are you allowing? What are you letting in via your expectations? The Universe can provide much abundance to you if you hold the belief and the vibration that it does. Otherwise you are in a “blocking” position.


10.  By definition, the Universe is all that is and everything in it is connected, including YOU. We are simply a tiny, minuscule part of it, but we are not separate. The universe isn’t bringing something that isn’t here. It’s only “not here” in your conscious physical perspective. Everything and all possibilities exist here and now and you are connected through your thought and vibration. 

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