How’s Your Not-To-Do List?


Have you ever been pretty successful in reducing your To-Do-Lists, but somehow you feel that you haven’t really progressed as you had hoped? It might have something to do with how you spend the remainder of your time and energy.

So often we become preoccupied with our To-Do lists. That’s all well and good and many productivity experts will have you focus on just that, but if we are honest with ourselves, we quickly realize that most of us can only stick to those things for so long before we or others cause our attention to wander. Before you wander, you’d be well served to set yourself some boundaries as what Not-To-Do.

The idea is that there are some other areas of your life that not only waste your time, but also drain valuable energy from you. You intuitively know what they are, and they may also vary among individuals. Take time and write them down. This should be the foundation of what activities to avoid.

Your time is a treasure to be invested. Your overall progress toward creating the life you want and your To-Do-List can be sabotaged by how you spend the rest of your time and energy. Creating a list of things that you are not going to do allows you to invest more of your treasured time on the few things that matter the most and protect your energy that will enable you to accomplish them.

Determining and setting these boundaries can be just as important as your To Do List.

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