A Different Approach To Beating The Blues & Getting Out Of That Rut


Has your life become somewhat dull? Are you feeling listless too often? Frustrated too? As we age, it’s often all to easy to lose that sense of wonderment, to shy away from change, especially if we tend to fear stretching ourselves or stepping into the unknown. It is, however, those very circumstances that, if you reflect back, have likely been some of your best experiences of your life. Without that wonderment or fascination with life, you also likely run out of energy.

Yes, get out of your comfort zone. Learn something new about yourself or life, or the way in which others approach theirs. Try different approaches to the big as well as the mundane things you do. Watch, your energy level will increase. I don’t mean that you have to be an adrenaline junkie, but just the idea of learning or experiencing something new may just add the energy you have been missing.

Years ago, a divorce caused me to re-evaluate my routine and habits. I decided to make some changes. I tried new foods, made new friends, pursued different hobbies, read new subjects, and explored the ideas of those I might have previously rejected. I faced my fears about resuming dating for the first time in more twenty years. The results were almost instantaneous. My energy rose, I discovered new passions, and created all sorts of new opportunities for myself. Perhaps I even became more interesting. Trying new things has remained a theme for me and it keeps life so delicious and exciting.

For the next 30 days, try entering into a new reality by approaching your life with more fascination. In fact, try asking yourself this question whenever something begins to hold you back from whatever it is you want in life: “How can I turn this frustration into fascination?” “How can I turn this feeling from fear into excitement?”

This may sound silly but I’ve found that it really works. Changing our experience of life always comes down to just two things: (1) Our thoughts, and (2) our response to them being our actions.

Do you blindly reject trying all sorts of new activities? Maybe it’s time to reconsider some, to consider what might interest you. I’m always reminded of that old joke: “What happens if you take an idiot and you motivate him? You get a motivated idiot!” I think we can agree that that’s just plain dangerous. On the other hand, if you take somebody who thinks clearly before acting, that person can be motivated to do intelligent things. How might you expand or alter your life?

Perhaps you might try saying “Yes” to something that you might previously have said “No” to. Maybe it is time to set some new enlarging goals or simply affect some tiny changes to your life. Think about whether or not you are seeing life clearly. How might some creative thinking about how you are currently living lead you to an even more exciting path in your life? So expand your mind, your horizon, and your self-image and you will discover new energies and an even more exciting path in your life. Have at it!

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