Twelve Days of Fagan: In My Opinion… DAY 8

71.     As in other sports, the old-time golf writers hid a lot of unsavory behavior about past champions, but that no longer is the case as technology and coverage have brought our hero’s lives into our living rooms.

72.     What’s really new in iron designs since Karsten Solheim’s Ping Eye-2s?

73.     A good club fitting is one of the more underrated opportunities for improvement.

74.     The PGA and LPGA members (the service providers) as a group are the most giving, least selfish collection of people I have ever encountered.

75.     The “Stack & Tilt” golf theory may doom more golfers than the Square-to-Square Method, David Leadbetter, and Peter Kostis combined.

76.     If the men players have the best deal with the Champions Tour, their counterparts on the women’s side unfortunately have one of the worst.  They deserve better, but unfortunately few seem to want to watch them play.

77.     Three-hour rounds are not “jackrabbit” ones, and rounds of more than four-hours mean that there is either something wrong with you or the course or both.

78.     Private club golf courses no longer are automatically superior to ones open to the public.

79.     Water and land scarcity, costs, alternative land uses to benefit more people, and politics will doom golf as an outdoor sport in the next 125 years.  While there may be professional competitions outdoors, most golf will be played in very sophisticated simulators.  Only the very, very rich will play outside at private retreats like Augusta National.

80.     Too many are building golf courses designed for the “too few!”

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