Daily Thoughts: November 22nd


“Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.”  – Henry Ford.

Failure has a sting to it, but when you begin to realize that life is not about a “destination,” but more about the “journey,” you begin to appreciate that there are no really no failures, only detours.  A failure can actually be a blessing for it signals to us that we are out of alignment with our best or highest self.  Be awake and heed your failures, learn and make adjustments.  Rejoice in them for the blessings they are or lament for their cursed bad luck.  It’s your choice and always has been.

Which choice might work better for you?


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  1. Rick Martin

    I’ve never met any one until now that shares so many of my same thoughts on golf & life. I am honored to have you as a friend.

    Rick Martin

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