Daily Thoughts: October 8th

Great players are decisive, confident, and don’t second-guess themselves.  If you deviate from your habit-formed routine, alarms will go off and your body may not react or swing well to the new mixed signals, so build and stay with this, your pre-shot routine.  By focusing on it and the task at hand, you will be less affected by the potential dangers on the

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ABOUT: Bob Fagan

Bob Fagan features one of the most interesting backgrounds in travel and golf. Not only it is likely that Bob has played more American golf courses than any living person, he has been an accomplished player and instructor, holds a Ph.D. in Counseling, a Doctor of Divinity, and has been an innovative golf and life coach, PGA Section Executive Director, golf company executive, "Expert Golf Witness," and, of course, a highly acclaimed travel and golf writer.

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