Product Review: “Personal Best Golf” by David Breslow



Calling Dave a sports psychologist is not really appropriate, but like me, he deals with the mental aspects of the game in an effective “outside-the box” holistic kind of fashion resulting in more pleasing results.  There are precious few actually accomplishing significant real results in the golf industry.   Even most of the well-known sports psychologists specializing in golf are what Dave and I might term “Symptoms Chasers.”


If we should have learned anything looking back at the development of golfers over the past few decades, it is that more knowledge or information does not equate to improved golf in any shape or form, and often the opposite.   Most golf instructors and schools over-teach, and whether the other sources be books, magazine, television, or the Internet, there seems to be a never ending avalanche of unfiltered information that becomes more like noisy static.  On the other hand, a little dose of the right information serves us far better and that is why Dave Breslow’s approach and insights resonate so much with me.


Actually we are almost kindred spirits in our approach to not only golf and sports, but life as well.  That said, I have still picked up many valuable insights from Dave.  He has the uncanny ability to apply special time-tested wisdom with an easy-to-digest manner and delivery that is also just as easy to remember and apply.  His style is clear, concise, and entertaining.  The most important thing is that it is relevant and it works!


We all fight fear in our games and life at times.  How to you get beyond it?  How about improving your score as well as your golf experience?  Have trouble taking your good practice game onto the golf course?  Do you sometimes feel more like a loser than a winner?  Have you hit plateaus in your golfing life and are frustrated by your inability to progress further.  Whether you are a touring professional or a beginning golfer, we all have and David Breslow has worked with all levels, and he addresses these concerns and more in “Personal Best Golf.”


Do your efforts, time, and investment in your game match your results you expect?  If not, I strongly encourage you to check out Dave’s teaching and golf product – “Personal Best Golf” a four-module interactive program that avoids all the “positive thinking” psychobabble.  This is not about quick fixes, but will instead generate quick shifts!  With this innovative Internet product, you will learn refreshing new techniques that you can’t find currently in any golf books or magazines.


I strongly recommend that you follow the link to Dave’s site.  Watch the video and if you are serious about changing your game for the better, click Buy Now!  This material is so good that even a fellow coach like me recommends it.


Click here to learn more and grab this outstanding material:


With regard to your golf game, would you rather have a lot of tips/strategies to help put out your “fires” (issues) or would you rather have fewer “fires” to put out?  Dave’s methods promote fewer fires.


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