Walled City of Cartagena, Colombia – Fagan Photo Gallery

I recently had the good fortune to visit Cartagena, Colombia. This old city founded in 1533 has both a strategic and storied past that may not be equalled in the Western Hemisphere. A city of contrasts between the old and new, it was the historic Walled City section that completely captivated me. It is now becoming one of the Caribbean/South America’s biggest tourist draws. More than nine miles of walls protect its outer perimeter. Inside you will find the bright, vibrant colors of the Caribbean coupled with a vibe not unlike Old Havana or the French Quarter of New Orleans, but it is bigger and so much to explore. Art, music, museums, boutique hotels, hidden palatial residences, narrow colonial streets and squares, shops, an array of different and tasty restaurants/bars are all there to explore. My wife and I only wish we had more time to spend in the Walled City.

The following is a gallery of photos. Some are enhanced for artistic effect. What you will notice are the amazing colors, but what you will miss is the friendly, hustling energy of the place.

Cartagena Skyline 1 Cartagena fort cannon Life is good Cartagena Cartagena Cathedral 1 Walled City Cartagena Couple Walled City Entrance Drake House Cartagena hotel courtyard Cartagena Hotel Lobby Cartagena Hotel Patio Cartagena Getesami Mural Cartagena Streets7 Cartagena Streets6 Cartagena Carriages 2 Cartagena Square

Getsemani Wall Musician
Cartagena restaurant

Cartagena Clock Tower Cartagena Streets12 Walled City Statues Walled City Walk Cartagena Walled City Rest Walled City Bar Cartagena Wall2 Cartagena Wall night Getesami Doorway Cartagena Streets13 Cartagena Streets4 Cartagena Streets5 Cartagena Hotel Getsemani Rest Cartagena Horse Carriage Cartagena Clock Tower Square Cartagena Clock Tower 1 Cartagena art web Cartagena Streets14 La Cevicheria Walled Blue Wall Walled Bridge Peeing Walled City Square Cafe Ohlala

                                                                                                                                            (Photo by Robert S. Fagan)Brown House

Walled City Exit Cartagena Streets2 Walled City Walk White House Walled City Corner

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