Titleist’s new Players 4 Plus StaDry Carry Bag

Players 4 Plus StaDry

Players 4 Plus StaDry

“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”         Charles Dudley Warner

Pardon me, Mr. Warner, but you haven’t heard of the Titleist company. It’s doing something about the weather for golfers who play in the rain.

For years, I’ve been looking for a waterproof (not water resistant!) carry bag so when I’m caught in inclement weather my clubs will stay dry. A diehard golfer who’ll walk and play in a light rain, I recently discovered the advantages of Titleist’s new Players 4 Plus StaDry lightweight stand bag. It’s a winner due to its high quality construction and a smart array of features.

First off, it’s indeed light, weighing in at 4.2 lbs—ideal for carrying, with a push cart, or in my case with a power caddie. It’s also well-balanced and will stand up on its own on a flat surface. Secondly, it sports just the right amount of pockets, including a full-length apparel pocket to stow a rain jacket and pants. Most importantly, it’s waterproof inside and out with seam-sealed zippers. Your clubs and accessories won’t get wet in the bag even during one of those horizontal rain squalls.

It always struck me odd that U.S. bag manufacturers didn’t offer a waterproof bag unlike the ones I found in Scotland and Ireland. In my recent conversation with Sean Slater,  Titleist’s Director of Marketing, I learned the company has been selling a waterproof bag in Europe.

“We’ve offered a waterproof bag overseas for years but then realized there was a demand for such a product in the U.S,” said Slater. “The Players 4 Plus StaDry is new for us in 2021.”

Using focus groups and consumer testing, Slater said a number of “best practices” were added to the new model. Nifty touches like velcro grabbers for a golf glove and a padded hub to lend comfort to one’s back when being carried are among these features. 

“Another feature added for 2021 is a quick-access accessories pocket with magnetic closure below the apparel pocket. Players told us they wanted a pocket for their range finder or scorecard,” explained Slater who’s been with Titleist for over three years.

Based on Tour-inspired feedback, even the waterproof club cover was redesigned. “It’s completely waterproof and easily attached to the top of the bag with velcro and with a quick access flap,” said Slater.

When the Covid clouds dissipate and overseas golf travel resumes again, this will my bag of choice. Of course, it also works well on this side of The Pond, too.

For more information visit your local golf retailer or www.titleist.com

image courtesy of Titleist.

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