Leaving for LIV Golf, sorta


To Whom It May Concern,

Just wanted to personally (well, not exactly in person) inform you that I’m taking my writing to the LIV editorial site. I’ve really enjoyed my time writing for The A Position but this opportunity with LIV was too good to pass up. 

Although I’ll be making $10,000 per story it’s not about the money. It’s really what the money does for me and my family. And when I say “family” it’s not really not my family since my wife and I are empty nesters and we don’t have much overhead expenses as seniors. Rather, it’s money for my grandchildren and their grandchildren because that’s where the bulk of the money will end up. Call it a generational wealth decision.

Also, it’s not just my decision but also my agent’s since he’s gonna get 10% of the cut. I didn’t know how much influence he really had in this matter.

But again, it’s not just about the money. (That’s what my agent keeps whispering in my ear.) It’s about freedom and getting more recognition for my writing and the stories. Although access to my writing will be harder to find—it’ll take a lot of passwords—it’ll be worth it in the long run. And by that, I mean the long run of compound interest in my fixed financial instruments.

I’m getting up in age where I don’t want to write 20 or 25 weeks a year. LIV allows me to write 14 weeks a year and none of my pieces can be cut or edited for length. In fact, I’m only asked to write 350 words max. Heck, I’m only clearing my throat at 350 words writing for you.

You, like others, may have qualms about me working for an enterprise funded by Saudi Arabia. I look at this way: if President Biden in recent months can travel to Saudi Arabia and beg for more oil, why can’t I do business with its Sovereign Fund?

Besides, the writing I’ll be doing will be more fun and entertaining. The LIV creative team will embed loud music and video into my pieces that will be attractive to younger readers. They’ve even created special emojis for me, too! 

And Greg Norman is really a good guy. Although he wrongly accused Mark McCumber of being a cheater, ousted David Graham as a Captain of the Presidents Cup and even tried to sabotage the relationship of his stepsons with their father, Andy Mill, who had been married to Chris Evert, he’s a misunderstood person. He just wants the best for himself and a select few other people. And I guess that now includes me.

And there’s a legacy growing at LIV. Tournament winners will not automatically qualify for the Masters but they’ll surely qualify for another tax bracket. 

From what I hear, you’re looking at making changes to how you compensate writers in the future. Good to know.

But it’s not really about money. It’s what the money can buy—like fast cars, beachfront villas and pet giraffes.

Let’s keep in touch. And remember, LIV and let LIV.


Terry Moore

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  1. James McAfee

    Enjoyed the story, but still want to see what happens going forward/

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