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Speaking of Father’s Day, golf balls are always a smart choice for a present. For those who are looking for a new brand (of sorts) beyond the usual marquee names, one should consider RZN golf balls. Never heard of them? Me either, until recently. Actually, the company’s been around for over 15 years. From 2011 to 2016, it was company selected by NIKE to make its golf balls. During that time, that ball claimed over 50 professional titles, including four majors.

During this same period, Consumer Reports rated one of the NIKE balls, I believe the Green Nike, its best value at something like $20 per dozen. I bought lots of those golf balls.

So it was nice to receive a dozen RZNs—of various types—and give them a try. Suffice to say, I was impressed. It performed as well if not better than most of the name brands I usually buy—like Titleist and Callaway. (By the way, RZN stands for Revolutionary technologies, Zealous in pursuit of perfection and Nature-caring.)

Depending upon one’s preferences and swing speed, there are five choices:  RZN Pro, RZN Distance, HS-Tour, MS-Tour and RZN Speed, the last two also available in optic yellow. There’s also a quick reference survey on the website to help one choose the right ball.

Due to the recent cold weather, I opted for the MS-Tour with a lower compression and better control around the greens. I also played with an optic yellow ball for the first time and got used to it fast. (My eyes need all the help they can get!)

The other feature on the RZN is a thicker alignment stripe on the ball. All the brands are doing it but I like the look on the RZN. 

In terms of the technology, RZN was the first manufacturer in 2011 to develop, in concert with NIKE, a tour-level, urethane-covered golf ball. Today, RZN also touts its Micro Dimple Surface design as reducing air drag.

A week or so ago when playing with the MS-Tour, I flushed a drive into a good wind and my playing companion immediately asked me, “What ball is that again?”

That’s music, I imagine, to the ears of the marketers at RZN.

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