Dan Hicks Announces the “Resurrection” of Tiger Woods

There can be no doubt that Tiger Woods’s victory at the Arnold Palmer Invitational was a significant occurrence in the golf world. What it means for the future, no one knows. Well, except NBC golf announcer Dan Hicks.

After Tiger hit his approach shot to the 18th green on Sunday, Hicks made bold predictions, not just about Tiger’s golf game, but also about his life in general.

“But it’s just a few miles away from here at Isleworth, where his personal life became unraveled, the accident Thanksgiving night,” Hicks said, “And one of the most unlikely and unexpected falls, Johnny (Miller), from a heights of a sport, from those heights to the depths.”

Okay, so far, no problem. Hicks was making sense at this point. Then he went a little wacky about what Woods ending his victory slump really means.

“And if you call Phase One the 71 PGA Tour wins and the 14 majors, this is really the beginning of Phase 2, the first win of the resurrection of the personal life and the golf swing and the golf career.”

Resurrection? More than a little over the top, coming two weeks before Easter, the most important Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Christ, no? Then, though, for Hicks to add that the resurrection includes Woods’s “personal life?” Wow.

How winning a golf tournament signifies Woods’s personal life is in a good state is anybody’s guess, Hicks never explained. Why Hicks thinks he’s qualified to judge the state of Woods’s personal life, was never elucidated, either.

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