Already and Interesting Ruling at The Players Championship

This from the PGA Tour.
This morning, D.A. Points withdrew from his 8:39 am starting time at the latest possible moment, after the first player in the group had played and Points’ name had been called on the tee.  Points was experiencing back problems and made the last-second decision that he could not play.

With the unique timing of the situation, the Rules Committee became aware of the complete facts of the situation 6-7 minutes after the group had teed off and the following group was already preparing to play on the tee.  After reviewing the facts of the case and the PGA TOUR’s standard protocols for withdrawls and substitutions, the Rules Committee has assigned 1st alternate Brian Harman a 12:20 pm starting time of No. 1 today to replace Points in THE PLAYERS Championship.  Greg Owen will become the first alternate.

Although we are not aware of this specific situation occurring previously on TOUR, the decision to assign Harman a new starting time is consistent with the PGA TOUR’s standard procedures for substitutions and withdrawls.  Alternates are asked to be on-site, inform the Committee of where they will be, and keep their mobile phone on so they can be contacted.  Once a withdrawl occurs, the Rules Committee assess the timing of the situation and determines whether it is reasonable for the player to make it to the tee for the original time, or if a new starting time should be assigned.  For example, at Pebble Beach, if there is a last minute withdrawal at Monterrey Peninsula Country Club, the Rules Committee assigns the first alternate a new starting time which allows him to have enough time to travel to course.

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