Furyk on Blister Patrol, Ball-Testing Ceaselessly Until Settling on Penta TP

Golf talent is spread throughout the population in heinously unfair proportions, leading to darkly lamentable results. Someone such as I–a man who would have made an inspiring and exemplary tour pro–is robbed of the chance to reach that destiny by a circumstance as absurd as lack of athletic ability.

So no, I don’t sign endorsement deals to play a certain brand of golf ball. Lucky-sperm-clubbers like Jim Furyk receive that rich indulgence. However, as you will see in this video link, there’s more to the whole process of picking out a new golf ball than just being handed a hundred dozen and signing the agreement.  And Furyk, with his swerving swing path and relatively modest clubhead speed, should get credit for hard work on the range as well as envied for native aptitude.

In fact, you could well imagine the blisters and calluses forming as you watch and listen to this slickly produced mini-documentary on the 2010 Player of the Year’s scientific evaluation of nearly every golf ball in the pro shop display case.

You can also sense the quiet desperation that dogs most tour pros when it comes to their short-game performance. You don’t have to be able to bench-press 220 or dunk a basketball to righteously master the craft of chipping, pitching and bunker play. When a world-class ball striker plays the scoring shots like a 5-handicapper, it costs him or her huge money and the player usually don’t know why these little-shot woes dog them so. All mis-reads?? That’s a pretty bad excuse, and an even worse answer.

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  1. Jim Smith

    The truth is he has hit so many,and vouched all of them,who cares which one he uses now! Talermade does not even nake them I believe. Who cares he is now a loser and deserves it!

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