New Drivers Are Driving Me Nuts *&#@%!

As a person lucky enough to be in the golf media business, I have been fortunate enough to have the chance to “test drive” all the new irons and drivers that are being sold on today’s market. It’s always nice to have a chance to play and compare with the newest stuff out there.

When it comes to the new irons, I think that most of the new stuff is loaded with new technology and innovation, and for the most part will help the average Joe Golfer. I think that the biggest decision that has to be made when purchasing a new set of irons are:
1. Do I want steel or graphite?
2. What brand looks the best to me?
3. What make up do I want, i.e., should I get 4 through pitching wedge or some other combination?

The fact of the matter is, I was so impressed with the new Callaway X-Hot irons that I traded my old set for those. I think it’s the best iron Callaway has made in years! I was told, on very good authority, that Callaway has a “dirty little secret” when making these irons that make guys like me fall in love with them. If I told you, I think someone would have to kill me!

Now, when it comes to the new high-tech drivers, that’s another story….for me. No question about it, club makers have spent tons of money on R&D, tons of money on testing and tons of money on marketing. No doubt that the spin that is being put on these new drivers is causing players to take notice and resulting in lots of sales. I, however, will not be among the masses that are standing in line to spend big bucks for these new generation drivers.

Call me old-fashioned, but I for one still favor what I call a “1-piece” or solid driver, not something I can take apart and put back together again…like Humpty Dumpty. To me these drivers are “piece parts.” I don’t want the burden of having to worry about whether or not I put the damn thing back together right or not. Is my driver head going to fly off because I didn’t tighten it down enough. I have enough to worry about just trying to make a good swing and not having to worry about if I dialed in the right loft or face angle.

Let me ask all of you a question right now: When is the last time you saw a golfer on the course stopping to adjust his driver to whatever setting? Then why buy the damn thing in the first place if you don’t “experiment” with it while playing…unless you lost the magic wrench! Heaven forbid.

These drivers have a funny sound to me. I do love some of the new bright, neon colors they have to choose from, but when it comes to the “moment of truth” for me, I just think this thing I’m hitting has too many “pieces parts” and is not solid like all of my previous drivers. I contend, and will always contend, that it’s the Indian and not the arrow…..unless today’s arrows have flight adjustments!

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