Golfers…Get A Grip!

I can’t believe all of the garbage I’ve heard lately about how grips will help you improve your golf game! Really? Just about all of the big grip manufacturers are marketing new grips that are lighter which will help you hit the ball farther because the club weighs less. Nonsense! I guarantee you that even Tour professionals, as good as they are, would not it it farther yet alone be able to feel the difference in weight from their regular grips and these new lighter grips.

How about the new grips that promise you a better game because their new line of grips are weather-proof and guarantee that you will keep much better control of the club in wet conditions! Popycock! For starters, this idea isn’t a new one. I guarantee that if you or I were playing in a downpour, NO amount of “dry technology” would prevent us from almost losing our club. Despite all of this, you see high profile golf instructors touting
one grip or another promising that it will do this and that. Do golfers realize that these folks are getting paid by the company to say what they say? Do golfers realize that the upper tier of golf instructors are some of the biggest endorsement whores in the business of golf? Maybe yes, maybe no.

If you want to be a believer and pay the extra money to get your clubs re-griped with these newer, lighter, dryer gloves, be my guest. The ONLY thing that will get lighter…will be your wallet! Come on, people, get a grip!

Dennis Silvers

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