Hey, Mz. Hottie, Want To Play A Round?!

What kind of shaft do you have, handsome?

One of the many benefits from playing golf is the chance to play new golf courses and meet a variety of people that also play golf. I’m sure that I’m not the only person who has gone away to a resort to have a great time and play golf who has experienced getting paired with fellow golfers who were not the most fun in the world.
Part of the experience of going to new places to play is hopefully meeting nice people who you enjoy spending 5 hours with on the golf course, sharing a few laughs and stories and hopefully hitting a few good golf shots.

Some single friends of mine who love playing golf have used the services of a few companies that really are set up to be a “dating service,” matching men and women who like to play golf. It doesn’t matter in what part of the country you reside, these services match you with people that live within a reasonable distance from where you are. They also pair you up with people that are about your age and playing ability. After the proper introduction, both people meet up and go out to play golf. Assuming that each person enjoyed the day, plans are made to play more golf and an opportunity presents itself to take this new found relationship a step beyond golf.

Never having experienced using a service like this, I can’t speak from personal experience as to whether something like this is worthwhile. After all, it does cost money to get hooked-up. With my luck, I would meet up with an attractive young lady who has “issues,” lots and lots of issues. I guess, however, that can be excused if this young lady really had a love for the game and was a player…a single-digit handicapper. It would be great also if this young lady was a fantastic cook! Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t need this lady to be a knockout like the picture of the lady shown with this story, but as they say, “It couldn’t hurt!”

Dennis Silvers

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