60th PGA Merchandise Show

It was 1954. An avid golfer nicknamed “Ike” was President, tailfins on “land yachts” were allthe rage, “I Love Lucy” was the number one television show and a relative unknown destined to become “The King,” one Arnold DanielPalmer, won the United States Amateur Championship.

In that same year a fewPGAProfessionals on winter hiatus from club jobs up north got together in aDunedin,Floridaparkinglot to swap stories, make new acquaintances and take alook at some clubs and caps they could sellback in their shops.

From that modest beginning grew the world’slargest golf industry meeting and its’ 60th iteration is January 24 to 26 inOrlando. MORE…

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  1. Konstantin

    I predict if Craig strats golfing in March, he will be hunting for little white heads poking out of mud. I think Tiger is at least 1 year away from getting his whole game back together, but even then it will not be the same as before, others will find out they can compete with and beat Tiger. Hank Haney will wish he never took Rush as a golf project. Craig will get his hat handed to him by his son when it comes to golf.The last prediction: we all will have wonderful golf games, irrespective of the score.John[] Reply:January 9th, 2011 at 6:05 pmHahaha. Nice John!![]


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