ClubCrown Stripe

I reviewed the original ClubCrown film for the crown of your driver or any metalwood very favorably. (Click here for the review – 10 Rounds with ClubCrown). It’s unique idea and offers the opportunity for personalization in an understated or overstated way…your choice. All you have to do is pick out the design you like, send them your club, they put on the high tech film and in about a week it’s back.

Now Vive, the makers of ClubCrown, have a new product the ClubCrown Stripe you put on yourself giving you not only personalized decoration but an alignment aid to get you aimed straight down the middle. 

In a prepared statement Andrew Glaser, company founder and CEO said, “The STRIPE allows golfers to customize the crown of their club for only $19.99 and gives them the added benefit of serving as an alignment aid. Just like the original ClubCrown, the STRIPE can be removed and won’t damage a club’s finish. Every design we make has fantastic alignment properties and, at the same time, gives your clubs a very cool look and feel. All STRIPES are the same width as a golf ball and our proprietary alignment method ensures that the stripe always goes straight back. The customized alignment properties of the STRIPE are totally unprecedented in golf, especially at this amazing price point.” 

Vive, who have been doing this for two years, says the Stripe high tech film comes in a choice of 70 collegiate and military designs plus a selection of other designs and each takes just a few minutes to put on your club.

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