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FMaxAir_960X960px_Family-Hero_WebCobra Golf is known for high performance clubs played by better amateurs and Tour professionals. Fans are used to seeing Lexi Thompson, Rickie Fowler and Bryson DeChambeau (this week Jason Dufner was signed) walking the fairways with the Cobra logo on apparel and bags.

However, as pointed out when the original F-Max driver was introduced over two years ago, Cobra has a big stake in providing clubs for those average golfers with what is usually called “moderate” swing speeds. They recognize some of us at least are getting older and no longer able to generate the power we formerly did. Thankfully Cobra gives this growing demographic a top-of-the-pile priority.

Their latest club family, the F-MAX Airspeed, has been specifically designed for slower swings which you can read to mean seniors and ladies and Cobra tells me they are both their lightest and most forgiving club lineup ever.

Quoting Tom Olsavsky, VP or R&D for Cobra in the F-MAX Airspeed announcement, “Not a single aspect of club design was overlooked when we were trying to maximize the weight savings in this line. We even use an unpainted shaft with clearcoat and a decal design to save two extra grams of weight over a typical painted shaft. That is a perfect illustration of the level of detail than went into making these clubs as lightweight as possible.”

An unpainted shaft to save two grams? That shows a level of commitment to which average golfers should pay attention.

The F-MAX Airspeed family includes for men and women driver, fairway woods, hybrids and graphite-shafted combination sets of hybrids and irons plus a men’s iron model.F-Max-Airspeed_3shot_web

Re-engineered drivers, significantly lighter compared to the previous model, head the lineup. The crown is now carbon fiber rather than titanium a reduction of 10-grams. This weight was moved to the rear of the clubhead towards the sole to lower the center of gravity. After these changes the head weighs 2 grams less but thanks to weight redistribution the very high MOI of 5,000 of the previous model was retained with no sacrifice of forgiveness.

To further reduce overall weight the 40-gram COBRA AIRSPEED F_MAX_AIRSPEED_driver_exploded_crown2_webshaft is stock picking up 5-grams and a 41-gram Lamkin midsize grip saves another 6-grams dropping club weight by 11 grams. The final package is an ultra-light 285 grams compared with the previous 298 grams of the F-MAX. The point is however this is a lighter club, some 40+ grams less than most drivers, and can be swung faster for more yards down the fairway.

We were also attracted to the irons in the family. Olsavsky was quoted, “For golfers who love the game but just don’t swing it with the same speed they used to, the F-MAX AIRSPEED irons are a great choice. We are confident that the combination of easy launch, low spin, and increased clubhead speed that these irons provide, will make the game much more enjoyable.”

F-MAX Airspeed irons have undergone a similar diet as the drF_MAX_AIRSPEED_7i_HERO_webiver with lighter shafts (5 grams less) and lightweight grips combined with low profile perimeter weighting in a true super game-improvement cavity back design. Men’s irons will be offered in a 7-piece set of 5-PW, GW with steel or graphite shafts and a graphite combo set with a choice of hybrids and irons.

All Cobra Golf F-MAX Airspeed models will be at retail on Jan. 10, 2020.

WYNTK F-MAX Airspeed Driver -High MOI ultralight weight -PWR Ridge Carbon fiber crown -Internal back and heel weighting -Choice of offset hosel or straight hosel -Right (9.5°, 10.5° & 11.5°) or left-hand (10.5°) -Men’s or women’s $329

F-MAX Airspeed Fairway Woods -Complimentary design to driver -Men’s lofts: 16°, 20° and 23° -Women’s lofts: 19°, 23° and 27° -Men’s or women’s $219 each

F-MAX Airspeed Irons 97-gram shaft Shorter hosels in long irons to lower CG Extreme perimeter weighting Men’s 7-piece set $599 steel shafts or $649 graphite shafts Men’s or Women’s Graphite iron/hybrid Combo 7-piece set $699

F-MAX Airspeed Hybrids Offset hosel Back and heel weighting Men’s lofts 3H (19°), 4H (22°), 5H (25°), 6H (28°) & 7H (RH only) (31°) Women’s lofts 4H (23°), 5H (26°), 6H (29°) & 7H (RH Only) (32°) Men’s or women’s $199 each

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  1. Zawawi

    1. Is better than the Cobra F9 model?
    2. I am using a 9 degree 50 gram TM RBZ model. A good hit i can reach 200 m but more often 180-190m, the tretagery is ok but quite often fadding the ball. How the new F max can better my t off?
    3. Is 9 degree available?

    • Ed Travis

      As to your first question – the best way to find out is to compare both on a Trackman – check the Cobra website for other information


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